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Past Seasons

FIRST SEASON 2012-2013

For this first season, TTT has selected two new works to sponsor Wilde Kane. (A Workshop Production) based on Oscar Wilde’s Salome and Sarah Kane’s Crave, adapted by Simón Adinia Hanukai and The Feast by Celine Song. In coming years however, an application will be made available for any new NYC production to apply to. The same process will be in place for mentees.

Sponsored Project #1: Wilde Kane (A Workshop Production)

Wilde Kane is an exploration of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé and Sarah Kane’s Crave.





Sponsored Project #2: The Feast

What is nourishment? In a new post-meat reality, hungry dinner guests wait for the latecomer to eat. They cling to traces of civilization and its entitlements as the night deepens and the grumbling of their stomach grows more persistent. All pretenses of culture falls away and the dinner guests revert to angry beasts, driven mad by the violent needs of their body and spirit. By the end of the night, humanity shows its true face as an insatiable consuming machine.

Produced by Michael Csar & Mariana Ortiz
Co-Produced by Theater That Transcends

Scenic Design by Angelica Borrero
Costume Design by Liene Dobraja
Lighting Design by Cecilia Durbin
Sound Design by Harrison Adams