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Rebecca Clark (Fall 2013)


Rebecca Clark is a recent graduate of Columbia University where she majored in Drama and Theatre Arts with a concentration in Comparative Ethnic Studies. She is very interested in the intersection of race and performance as seen through her senior thesis in directing of Adrienne Kennedy’s The Owl Answers, which examined the current state of racial politics and identity. While at Columbia, Rebecca participated in the Black Theatre Ensemble as both an actor and director as well as various other groups including the King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe and Columbia University Players. Rebecca is very excited for her first foray into the world of assistant directing and hopes to learn as much as she can to continuing making exciting, thought-provoking, and world-changing theatre.

Katherine Perdomo (Spring 2013)


Kathering Perdomo is currently a completing her High School degree at Cathedral High School in the heart of Manhattan. She was born and raised in the Bronx and is of Hispanic descent. Her main goal is to one day be a doctor but has a profund interest in theatre and wishes to deppen her understanding of what it truly means and how to implement it. Kat hopes to minor in theatre once at college.

Sonia Mena (Fall 2012)


Sonia Mena is currently studying theater at Sarah Lawrence College. Native of Berkeley California, she was a Grand Slam Finalist in the Bay Area Poetry Slam and is a recipient of the Mayors Young Artist Award and the California Arts Scholar Award. She interned with the Nuyorican Poets Cafe the summer of 2012 and has since been developing her style of spoken word, movement and theatre. Curious about the underbelly and moments unnoticed, Sonia is greatly inspired by the works of Tom Waits, Saul Williams, Gil Scott Heron, Jose Rivera, and Die Antwoord. She hopes to further expand and understand the beast of the theater the more she studies.