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Theatre That Transcends (TTT) teaches people how to express themselves and  address community issues through the art of theatre. We equip, empower, and launch people of all ages,  socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds to use the arts as a means of expression and dialogue in their communities to address cultural issues without cultural restraints.


Our Pillars


The arts equip and empower us to form connections where we heal and become positive, active participants in our communities.


Every human being is valuable, unique, and able to create.


Through unity of purpose, we gain the power to transform our world.


Information is not enough; education happens through active dialogue and action.


Supporting the Artist

Artists cultivate the continual growth of our communities and our consciousness by using their talents, experiences and time. For this reason, we support the development of new work by providing artists with financial support. The result is fresh work that engages, challenges, and celebrates the communities in which they work..


Supporting the Community

The communities we serve are fertile soil for future work and coming generations. We honor them by giving back financially. Wherever our budget permits, we commit to a monetary donation to a charity or a fund within the communities we serve in order to support both the people and our fellow workers in their endeavors to better our city.